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  • Azolimnos Beach: an organized shadowy and sandy beach located on the east side of the island, with taverns and bars.
  • Agkathopes Beach: an organized much-frequented shadowy beach where you can practice water sports.
  • Ampela Beach: a south sandy and pebbly beach.
  • Armeos or Saint Pakou Beach: on the left side of Galissas bay and below the hill of Saint Pakou, mostly preferred by nudists.
  • Achladi Beach: A south, organized and shadowy beach.
  • Vari Beach: A shadowy beach.
  • Galissas Beach: the biggest and best organized shadowy beach, where you can practice water sports.
  • Delphini Beach: idyllic sandy and pebbly west beach with a tavern and a bar.
  • The pebbly beaches of Saint Nikolaos (“Vaporia” district), “Taliros”, “Vangelidis” and “Kymata”, in Hermoupolis.
  • Kini Beach: a picturesque sandy beach with a marvelous sunset, taverns and bars.
  • Kokkina Beach: a small windward sandy and pebbly beach at the southwest side of the island, near Finikas.
  • Komito Beach: a small windward shadowy sandy and pebbly beach.
  • Lotos Beach: a small windward bay with a shadowy sandy beach, in the homonymous area, 1 kilometer south of Kini.
  • Megas Gialos Beach: an organized sandy and pebbly beach, with small, peaceful and shadowy creeks.
  • Megali Agkali Beach: an isolated beach at the little island of Gaidouri or Fanari (ancient Didymi), opposite to Hermoupolis, the access to which is only possible by boat.
  • Delagracia Beach:  an organized, small but much-frequented beach which is sandy and pebbly.
  • Santorinioi Beach: a small, isolated and peaceful sandy and pebbly beach at the south side of the island.
  • Fabrica Beach: a small, isolated, peaceful, sandy and pebbly beach at the south side of the island.
  • Finikas Beach: very well organized southwestern sandy and pebbly beach. It has many taverns and bars, and is a famous destination for pleasure crafts.
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